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Corporate Concierge Services

What is Corporate Concierge Service ?

As part of an Employee Incentive Program, corporate concierge 
 is designed to reward and recognize employee loyalty or 
performance and attract and retain the best and 
most talented employees or to your clients.

While you are at work:

*Grocery Shopping - deliver items directly to your office or your vehicle.

*Car Detail/Wash/Service*Deliver lunch or dinner.  

*Help facilitate in-house events.  We set everything up, serve, and clean-up afterwards.

*Holiday gift giving - Each holiday we prepare a flyer of gifts.  You choose what you would like, we shop/purchase and deliver to your office.


While you are at work, we can offer services at your home:

*Grocery Shopping - deliver items directly to your home.


*Home Organization

*Personal Assistant

*Contractor Facilitation - we interview contractors (window washing, exterminator and the like), we review contracts, 
we are on-site the day the work is done.  
We inspect their work.  
We just filter the pertinent details to you.