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Home Management

What is Home Management ?

A home manager assists you in effectively 
managing and running your home.

We have an extensive list of reliable contractors.
We assess any issue, hire the appropriate contractor.  
We are on-site while the contractor is completing the work.  
We ensure that the work is done to satisfaction.  
With prior arrangements, we handle payment to the contractor 
(with client reimbursement).

Window Washer
Plow Service
Menu Planning
Grocery Shopping
Whole House Organization
BIll Pay

Household Manager - 

We also have the ability to manage your current staff. We can set up a weekly schedule for staff, monitor to make sure all tasks are completed.  Establish house rules to ensure a smooth running household.
In addition, we can be hired to assess current staff and create job duties conducive to the job title.  
We then monitor staff and suggest changes as necessary.